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Cash ‘N Carry Solutions
Nexstep Commercial Products’ Cash ‘N Carry section highlights our ongoing commitment to this ever-growing segment. Our vari- ous cash ‘n carry products feature O-Cedar Commercial...the brand you know and trust...and colorful, attention-grabbing bilin- gual packaging. Bilingual features, advantages, and bene ts provide the product information your customers need. Self-hanging and shelf-friendly packaging includes UPC bar code for easy checkout. Here are a few of our Cash ‘N Carry Solutions!
Corn Brooms
100% natural  ber sweeps away both  ne and heavy debris
see page 97
Quick-WayTM Mop Kit
MaxiClean Cut-End Mop 97163V and 6540 Quick-WayTM Plastic Mopstick. 4-ply cotton/ synthetic blend cut-end yarn provides excellent absorbency and durability
see page 31
MaxiPlus® Micro ber Duster with Extension Handle
Grabs dust other dusters leave behind
see page 94
#16 Cotton Deck Mop
Biodegradable cotton yarn made from 100% post-industrial waste
see page 28
MaxiRough® Wet Mop
Rayon/polyester blend is ideal for many applications. Loop-end mop
see page 22
MaxiPlus® Micro ber Mops
Remove over 50% more bacteria than cotton mops
see page 18
MaxiPlus® Micro ber Cloths
Remove 50% more bacteria than traditional cloths
see page 12
MaxiScourTM Stainless Steel Scrubbers Four cleaning edges to handle the toughest cleaning jobs
see page 92
MaxiPlus® Squeegee w/Handle
18"  oor squeegee with 54" steel handle
see page 85
Plastic Window Squeegee
Lightweight plastic withstands heat, chemicals, water, and cleaning solutions
see page 88

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