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Micro ber Facts
MaxiPlus® Professional Angle Broom, Flagged Solid block, meaning no chance of separation from shroud
see page 51
MaxiPlus® Professional Angle Broom, Flagged w/Dust Pan Dust pan is sturdy plastic with extra
wide 14" opening
see page 51
MaxiScourTM Scouring Pads
Medium-duty green nylon pad is perfect for general cleaning
see page 92
Scrubbing Sponge
Medium abrasive back easily cleans ovens, walls, countertops, sinks, bathrooms, and tables; rinses easily
see page 92
Micro ber Floor Mop & Re ll
Attracts and holds dust/dirt with natural electrostatic charge
see page 12
MaxiClean Eraser Scrubber
Has powerful micro-scrubbers for the toughest stains. Chemical- free; requires only water
see page 91
360 Degree Dusters
Great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas with 360 ° of dust trapping
see page 95
MaxiClean Eraser Sponge
Removes crayon, ink, and scu  marks from smooth surfaces
see page 91
Micro ber is a very  ne synthetic  ber composed of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon).
This creates a  ber that is 100 times  ner than human hair. The dense construction creates a split micro ber that is positively charged and attracts negatively charged dust particles.
Tests have shown many advantages to using micro ber products:
• Removes over 95% of micro-organisms when using an O-Cedar® micro ber wet mopping pad compared to 65% when using a loop-end mop.
• Reduces chemical consumption by up to 90% by using far less chemicals than required with traditional mops.
• Reduces workplace injuries because micro ber products require less heavy lifting and movement.
• Cleans more effectively, as micro ber dust mops remove up to 75% more dust and dirt than traditional
cotton dust mops.
• Reaches into crevices that ordinary  bers simply pass over.
• Can be laundered up to 500 times and can withstand up to 200 degree water
for bleach-free laundering.
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